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Who We Are

Rprime was founded by Seattle technology leader and pioneer investor (Microsoft, Ignition Partners, Docusign) Jonathan Roberts and Doyt Conn Jr. (leader of a dynamic, rapidly growing church in the None Zone of Seattle, devoted to welcome and inclusion). Together, they share a vision of sharing tools for growing relationships. READ MORE

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Why Now

Now (more than ever) our leaders have turned away from civil, balanced, and respectful relationships – leading to an overwhelming sense of isolation, distrust, and sadness. This can change, and so many of us know that intentional relationship is the mechanism of that change. Rprime seeks to encourage communities to work towards a greater society. READ MORE


What We Believe

Simply put, Rprime believes a small number of people can create big change. In his groundbreaking book The Black Swan, Nassim Taleb proves that “Only 10% of the members (of a group) is a tipping point. Once the number grows above 10%, the idea spreads like a flame .” Our foundation is creating a technology platform for the 10% of us who want change. READ MORE

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Our Promise

Everyone helping Rprime agrees on a single statement – we wish to be in relationship with those who are different from ourselves. We fully recognize that there are differences – in belief, in philosophy, in traditions, in opinions – but that should not, and cannot prevent us from agreeing that we have responsibilities to each other, and future generations. READ MORE


Jonathan Roberts - founder

Jonathan Roberts is a Founder and General Partner of Ignition Partners.  Ignition is the largest venture capital firm based in the Northwest, with offices in Bellevue, WA and Palo Alto, CA, and over $3 billion in committed capital across its early-stage venture funds and affiliated funds in China.  Ignition focuses its investments on enterprise software companies, and has led early-stage rounds for such companies as Splunk, Docusign, Avvo, and Cloudera.  Jonathan led a number of these investments, most notably, Docusign, where Ignition was the first institutional investor and Jonathan served on the board for nearly fifteen years.


Prior to Ignition Jonathan spent 13 years at Microsoft. Jonathan led the marketing and business efforts for a number of versions of Windows, Windows NT, and BackOffice.   Roberts received his B.A. in history from the University of Washington where he was also Student Body President.  Jonathan serves on the boards of the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR), Applied Precision Learning, and University of Washington’s Institute of Stem Cell Research (ISCRM).  Jonathan was formerly on the executive committees of The Epiphany School, The University of Washington Foundation Board, and The United Nations Association of America.  Jonathan is married to Elizabeth Roberts and they have three children.  The Roberts are also active members of the Epiphany Parish in Seattle where Jonathan has lead a C.S. Lewis book group that has met weekly since 2001.

Doyt Conn - founder

Doyt L. Conn Jr. has been Rector of Epiphany Parish in Seattle since 2008 – with over 350% growth in that decade. Epiphany, under his leadership, has met the needs of the changing spiritual landscape of the 21st century in America. In Doyt’s words “My calling has been to create a spiritual gym – where we work together to become our most God-given authentic selves, with the hope of being love-spreading-difference-makers in the world.”


Rector, speaker, teacher, and leader – Doyt spreads his faith with the spoken word, video’s, lectures, and writings. Doyt sits on the Diocesan of Olympia Commission on Ministry, and previous to Epiphany, he came to Epiphany from All Saints’ Beverly Hills, where he served as Associate Rector with primary responsibility for Pastoral Care.  Doyt graduated with his Masters of Divinity from Virginia Theological Seminary in 2003.  He discerned his vocation as a priest in the Diocese of Ohio, where he was sponsored for ordination by St. Paul’s, Cleveland Heights. 


Previous to devoting himself to faith, Doyt had a successful career in industrial manufacturing and led several B2B operations.

Garr Larson - Chief Operating Officer

Garr Larson has over 30+ years’ experience at the President, CEO, CMO, Board of Directors and Corporate Vice President level leading B2C companies – including as a founding executive of Hot Topic which he helped take from garage start-up to IPO. 

After Hot Topic, Garr led small and large retail and consumer product companies including Dogeared Jewelry, Fredericks of Hollywood, Orvis, Rugged Bear, and Britches of Georgetowne. 

While leading Dogeared Jewelry – a very early B Corporation and company committed to making “good things happen” - Garr decided to devote a majority of his efforts to enterprises and organizations committed to positive, non-profit change. 


Our society is at a fork in the road – with one path leading to isolation, bitterness, and profound sadness, and the other leading to joy, love, and embracing all traditions and inviting others into relationship. Examples of isolation and sadness abound today. The CDC 2018 report on societal wellness showed up suicide rates were up 30% all a crossed the United States, with teen suicide rates up as much as 70%. Statistics on suicide, loneliness, depression, are almost overwhelming in our current world that promotes extremism, negativity, isolation, and few non-transactional relationships.


At the same time, there is overwhelming evidence that relationship is the single key factor to hope, joy, and a fulfilled life.  The landmark 80-year Harvard Study on happiness in life - tracking the health of 268 Harvard sophomores for 8 decades starting in 1938 during the Great Depression-  revealed the key to leading healthy and happy lives. “The surprising finding is that our relationships and how happy we are in our relationships is the single most powerful influence on our health.”


That’s why we are committed to creating a virtually free technology that facilitates the deepening and expanding of relationships for inclusive religious and civic communities everywhere.


Rprime is the perfect platform to power building relationships where communities overlap – magnifying the respect those communities have for others different from themselves.  We are creating technology based on the simple belief that:


Good things happen when:

  • We seek to be in relationship with those different than ourselves

  • We wish to reconcile with those we have injured

  • We take responsibility 

  • We believe in something bigger than ourselves


Bad things continue to happen when

  • We “pull the circles apart” – letting extremism dictate

  • We consider our opinion irrefutable 

  • We expect all others to conform

  • We isolate – looking in only, instead of out to all

Extremism pulls our circles apart.

Rprime unites us.





“As individuals, communities, educational institutions, companies, organizations of all types, and even countries, we hereby declare that we wish to be in relationship with those who are different than us; we recognize that the depth of our relationships is determined by the degree of respect that exists between us; and we wish to be reconciled with those who claim a grievance against us.  Our signature signifies that we feel a responsibility to one another and to future generations.”