Team, transitive verb \ ˈtēm \


Definition of team: to yoke or join in a team also: to put together in a coordinated ensemble.

Maker Mask Photo Jonathan Roberts Holdin



Jonathan is a founder and partner at Ignition Partners, the Northwest’s largest venture capital firm. With more than $3 billion in committed capital across its early-stage venture funds and affiliated funds in China, Ignition focuses its investments on enterprise software companies, and has led early-stage rounds for such companies as Splunk, Docusign, Avvo, and Cloudera. Jonathan led a number of these investments, most notably, Docusign, in which Ignition was the first institutional investor. Jonathan served on the company’s board for nearly 15 years.




Doyt L. Conn Jr. has been Rector of Epiphany Parish in Seattle since 2008, achieving 350 percent parish growth in that decade. Epiphany, under his leadership, has met the needs of the changing spiritual landscape of twenty-first century America.


In Doyt’s words, “My calling has been to create a spiritual gym where we work together to become our most God-given authentic selves, with the hope of being love-spreading difference makers in the world.”



Executive Director

Garr Larson has more than 30 years’ experience as president, CEO, CMO, a member of the board of directors, and corporate vice president of leading B2C companies. He was also a founding executive of Hot Topic, which he helped take from garage start-up to IPO.

While leading a very early B Corporation, Garr decided to devote a majority of his efforts to enterprises and
organizations committed to positive, nonprofit change.