RPrime is a 501(c)(3) digital platform with a powerful suite of tools that connect, deepen and expand relationships for good.

Who We Are 

We are for humanity, not profit. Focused on connecting individuals to communities of all types, including faith-based, educational, governmental, and all social service groups and organizations, to meet today's powerful societal and community needs. 

What We Believe 

We make relationships primary.  Data shows that people live longer, happier, healthier lives, and that communities become stronger with civic culture more humane when this occurs.  

How We Do It

We enable a compelling invitation.  Rprime recognizes that most communities grow through personal invitation by members and others respected in the community.  Understanding context, and harnessing relevant data,  we enable impact for good.

Initiative: Viral Insights provides crisis insights

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Our platform harnesses the power of big data to visualize content - forging powerful new ways to contain, prevent and recover from this crisis. 

Initiative: RPrime ignites Maker Mask movement 

Maker Mask Logo in Color V1.png

Sparking a worldwide grassroots effort with our free, Open Source 3D-printable and reusable mask. Our mask is the first of its kind with NIH approval.